AutoMailer XL

AutoMailer XL 1.0

All you need is access to a (relaying) standard SMTP server (See all)

Sending files via SMTP (e-mail) becomes much easier and more efficient with AutoMailer XL.
Just select the files or directories to be sent, fill up the database with recipients and setup the timer or fire off your mailing manually.
All you need is access to a (relaying) standard SMTP server.
Supports secure connections via SSL/TLS required for gmail and other services
Daily scans at specified time or every (n) minutes for files to be sent
Scans various folders incl. subfolders as well as single files
Monitors new or modified files
Attaches all files to a single mail
Send one mail per file
Compresses and encrypts attachments to ZIP archives
Reads commands from text files
(several applications like Tobit's DAVID™ create such files)
Nearly unlimited amount of recipients

Reads e-mail address from file names

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